Our Mission

Science Bear is on a mission to help students comprehend the California Science Content Standards for the 8th grade in an interactive manner. We hope to alleviate the apprehension students may feel when asked to learn these standards. Our concise explanations will demonstrate that the fundamental principles of chemistry and physics are simple and fun.

"Bear" Essentials

Science Bear can provide your 8 grade students with an opportunity to independently explore the California Science Content Standards. The information on this site highlights the salient points of each standard through a series of standards-specific videos, animations and concept review questions. There are no "filler" videos or other superfluous items on the website that may distract students.

Less Hibernating, More Participating

Science Bear is not another "drill-and-kill" educational program. Our Interative website can help increase participation by providing students with "sneak peeks" at the standards prior to your lessons. Students can independently watch the clips at their leisure and feel more comfortable when they engage in standards-based discussions in class.

Gadgets and Gizmos and Science Bears... Oh My!

Try integrating Science Bear into your curriculum. As you may have noticed, most students are fond of electronic devices (cell phones, MP3 players, PDAs, etc.), and computers are no exception. So, we have designed a simple, yet informative, website that can be navigated with ease. We are certain your students will visit us repeatedly as they master the standards throughout the year!